What Is the GIF File Format?

GIF files are small, so they’re great for displaying large amounts of data quickly. They also support transparency, which allows you to see through the image. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format GIF stands for Graphics Interactive Format. This means that GIF files are graphic images with animation capabilities. These animations can be made up …

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What Is Base64 Cipher?

Base64 is a method of encoding text so that it can be easily transmitted and stored in a limited number of characters. It has many applications and is especially useful when dealing with files or streams that can only be read by programs, not humans. It’s often used to transmit data in APIs because it’s …

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How To Resize Base64 Image in JavaScript?

Here I am giving an example to resize a Base64 image in JavaScript. Function To Resize Base64 Image in JavaScript The following JavaScript function resizeBase64image takes 3 arguments: Base64 data URI Width Height And then it resizes the base64 image to the required size. function resizeBase64image(datas, wantedWidth, wantedHeight) { var img = document.createElement(‘img’); img.onload = …

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