Image to Base64 Converter Online


This free online image to Base64 converter converts almost every type of image file and other files types to Base64 string. To start converting files, please click on the Choose Files button or drag and drop the files to the below drop-zone.

What is Base64 Encoding?

In Computer language, Base64 is a binary-to-text encoding that represents binary data in a sequence of 8-bit bytes. Base64 type of data is highly required by the software developers so that they can use it to write programs to send emails with attachments and to use it in the CSS (Cascading style sheets), etc.

How Image to Base64 Converter Works?

This tool uses the Base64 algorithm to create the Base64 string using JavaScript. And the most important thing is that it works on the client-side, it does not upload the file to server.

What Makes This Tool So Cool?

  1. Encodes any file into a base64 string.
  2. No file size limit.
  3. Process files locally on your computer. Files are not uploaded to server, so your sensitive data is safe.
  4. Displays images as data URIs, for easy copying into CSS.